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Why you’ll love our Curtain Road space

Jan 07
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Serviced workplaces like our Curtain Road space are the perfect solution for smaller start-up companies who need flexibility but still want to feel at home in their chosen workspace.
Our spaces are a popular choice for those looking to see their company’s character reflected back to them in their workplace design. If you ask us, people are constantly underestimating just how important the interiors of an office are. Afterall, did you know that office design can affect productivity by up to 20%?

“From the moment people walk in they really notice the relaxed atmosphere”
– Matthew Phillips, Curve

Our Curtain Road workspace is just one of our many sites that allows people to feel at ease from the minute they cross the threshold. Located in the iconic Shoreditch area, it’s the perfect place for tech and digital industries in particular.

“It’s smart, it’s clean, it’s modern.”
– Danny Monfea, Zachary Daniels

Take a peek behind closed doors…

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